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3 Stunning Plants to boost your home office decor

3 Stunning Plants to boost your home office decor

Do you work from home these days or in an office? Or both?

Wherever you are, you could definitely use a plant or two (or 34...speaking from experience🙃🌿🌱).

Plants in your office are known for boosting work productivity and purifying the air. According to traditional feng shui principles, greenery can also contribute to good luck and has the power to heal and nourish.

Here are our top recommendations for office plants:

Hanging planter


Hanging planter

  1. Devils Ivy (or Golden Pothos)

This plant is one of our favorite plants of all time. easy to care for, and really beautiful. Your new best trailing friend thrives in bright, indirect light, but can tolerate medium to low indirect light, make it perfect for bright offices or drearier ones. 

Pro tip: Styling it in a hanging planter will let you really SEE your plant, and allow you to flaunt your interior design skills. We especially recommend this if you’re designing a small space. Hanging your plant can save floor space and bring in nature without cramping your home office. 

Cylinder planter

Freya cylinder planter

  1. Rubber plants

Rubber plants (or Ficus Elastica) act as great home office plants; they’re sleek, regal, but still approachable at the same time. These beauties are relatively low maintenance which is always a win in our book. They thrive in medium to bright indirect light, making it a great indoor plant and a great decoration for your work space. 

Hanging planter

Hanging planter

  1. Monkey Monsteras

We chose the Monstera adansonii, or the Monkey Monstera because it's a bit quirky and fun. This trailing tropical plant will give your office space a bit more of a jungle-esque feel. It does best in bright indirect sunlight, but can deal with a bit of direct sunlight too (but not too much, it can scorch its leaves). 

Which plants do you grow in your workspace?

Thank you @mountainfeatherdesigns for sharing your beautiful workspace with us!


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